RouterHousting's Linux KVM VPS hosting service allows you to easily manage your VPS resources, do instant reconfigurations, and have full control on your virtual servers, making it a breeze to run your website and services to your heart's desire.

Instant Setup
Manage multiple VPS from one account
View bandwidth usage
View disk usage
View memory usage
Serial console access
VNC access
View network information
View graphs & statistics
Edit account details
Rescue Mode
Mount ISO images
Power off
Change hostname
Change root password
Change VNC/console password
Set reverse dns (rDNS/PTR)
API access
Full language support
Set main IP address
Full Root Access

What is Linux KVM?

Kernel-Based Virtualization or KVM is a Linux full virtualization on x86 and x64 hardware. The system consists of a loadable kernel module named KVM. KVM helps run multiple virtual machines on unmodified Windows or Linux images. These virtual machines have its own virtualized hardware like graphics adapter, network card, etc. So you will enjoy the performance and reliability.

Dedicated Linux KVM VPS Servers

Unlike most of the other VPS providers, we are providing dedicated containers on our nodes which means nothing is shared with any other VPS server, this brings reliability, performance, security, and stability to your VPS server but we do all of this for the same price as they do provide shared VPS servers!

These VPS plans are the most recommended plans using Pure blazing fast SSD storage in RAID10 which gives you the best performance and reliability which is much faster traditional Hard Drives.
If you are unsure which VPS plan is right for you then please click here. How to pick best VPS for you?

Our US location consists of 8 datacenters in New York City – New York, Washington DC, Buffalo, New York, Los Angeles – California, Phoenix – Arizona, Dallas – Texas, Seattle – Washington and Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania which you can choose from!

Free Microsoft® Windows Server™ and Windows Desktop

We have 7 days Money Back Guaranteed! You can try our services and if you were not satisfied then simply just ask us for a refund.

With our Cheap Windows VPS hosting plans, you can get a fully dedicated access via RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) only in a few minutes. You can load any software on your Windows VPS server without any restrictions.

Kernel-Based Virtualization or KVM is a Linux full virtualization on x64 hardware that has virtualization extension like AMD-V or VT which one of the best of its kinds and KVM is the technology that we are using in RouterHosting.
All the Windows VPS servers are equipped with fully automated Control Panel. Which makes our instant activated VPS servers very easy to manage. You can do almost anything with your VPS server. Connecting to the server via VNC, hard reset or load any Windows image and install your own version of Windows.
What are KVM VPS Plans? The hardware includes guaranteed resources like Storage, CPU, and RAM. It also has memory allocation and burstable processors. Moreso, RouterHosting conducts regular balance and audits of its VPS host nodes that ensure every account is able to receive and get full based assistance on its resource guarantees. KVM VPS Plans assures its clients that it will never oversubscribe its host nodes. The nodes are constructed with enterprise class and the best quality hardware that features highly-redundant RAID 10 storage systems.

We do accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Alt Coin (Ethereum, Litecoin, etc…) and PerfectMoney.

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