Instant Setup Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS Hosting

Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS hosting is one of the Microsoft Server operating system which been out for few years. With the new features of Windows 2012 it made it still on top of the game features like File works which makes things to work with Microsoft One drive (Online cloud solution for files) and better storage management in Windows 2012 R2.

Available Locations

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We do accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Alt Coin (EthereumLitecoin, etc…) and PerfectMoney.

  • Instant Setup
  • Manage multiple VPS from one account
  • View bandwidth usage
  • View disk usage
  • View memory usage
  • Serial console access
  • VNC access
  • Reboot
  • View network information
  • View graphs & statistics
  • Edit account details
  • Rescue Mode
  • Mount ISO images
  • Shutdown
  • Boot
  • Power off
  • Reinstall
  • Change hostname
  • Change Administrator password
  • Change VNC/console password
  • Set reverse dns (rDNS/PTR)
  • API access
  • Full language support
  • Set main IP address
  • Full RDP Access

The launch of the Windows Server 2012 VPS Hosting has presented web hosting with numerous advantages since the development of VPS technology. There servers have replaced the previous loved Windows dedicated servers which have been rendered obsolete. The Windows VPS servers offer a cheap solution to all your web hosting needs. With frequent updating, the Windows 2012 VPS hosting still proves to be the best solution as the web experience is truly one you would perfectly enjoy.

For both corporate and personal needs, the Windows 2012 VPS Hosting server offers unbeatable rates and services and once you use the features you’ll reap the maximum benefits. The number of upgrades are virtually unlimited as you are updated with the latest windows updates that keep you fully protected and offers efficient services.

The cheap Windows 2012 VPS was rolled out on September 4th 2012 but prior to that, only the Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 servers were the only in Windows VPS Hosting service available for signing up with. The Windows 2012 comes with great number of new features and amazing functions crafted to enhance your Windows 2012 VPS hosting experience and suit your varied needs.
Among the available features of the new Windows 2012 server are; better virtualization abilities of the server, great management of functions of the server, better networking abilities, Internet information service version 8.0 and a Resilient File System (ReFS).

Great management functions of the server
Windows 2012 server offers lots of management features that can be used to manage a number of machines. Windows 2012 VPS is an improved standard and has surely set the benchmark for the industry.

Batch deployment; an ability of managing and configuring multiple servers has been actualized in this edition of Windows VPS servers. Windows Server 2012 VPS allows you to integrate various tools for better management of the server and also gives you the power to install various features on virtual remote hard disks.

Better network abilities
The networking abilities of Windows 2012 VPS cannot be compared to any of its predecessors. With this version you are now be able to manage all the users and connections more easily and efficiently.  The remote users have also been taken into account and they can now communicate with the server more conveniently.

Networking is now less complex with the new Windows Server 2012 VPS and more user friendly. There is better connectivity for all the users and easier linking of clouds both public and private and management of private clouds.

Windows 2012 R2 VPS Features

  • Get an instant activated Windows Server 2012 VPS with Remote Desktop (RDP) access in only few minutes
  • Cheap in price. Which made it easy to get an instant setup best Windows VPS hosting 2012from RouterHosting
  • Complete access on your Windows Server 2012 R2 with Virtuozzo Control Panel with VNC access as well
  • Get a FREE Windows 2012 R2 on Windows 2012 VPS
  • Pay by different method of payments such as Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards and etc…

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