Instant Windows 7 VPS

With instant activation Windows 7 VPS hosting you will get a fully installed Windows 7 with RDP (Remote Desktop) enabled in 10 minutes. Windows 7 VPS can be used for different Windows application and software. You can also install your games like Minecraft on the Windows 7 server and use it as your online game server.

Available Locations

US Windows VPS & Linux VPS UK VPS Germany Linux VPS Amsterdam VPS Sinagpore VPS Europe VPS

We do accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Alt Coin (EthereumLitecoin, etc…) and PerfectMoney.

  • Instant Setup
  • Manage multiple VPS from one account
  • View bandwidth usage
  • View disk usage
  • View memory usage
  • Serial console access
  • VNC access
  • Reboot
  • View network information
  • View graphs & statistics
  • Edit account details
  • Rescue Mode
  • Mount ISO images
  • Shutdown
  • Boot
  • Power off
  • Reinstall
  • Change hostname
  • Change Administrator password
  • Change VNC/console password
  • Set reverse dns (rDNS/PTR)
  • API access
  • Full language support
  • Set main IP address
  • Full RDP Access

Windows 7 VPS Features

  • Dedicated resources with fully private server with no restriction
  • 7 days 24 hours RDP (Remote Desktop) access from anywhere in the world
  • Install Windows Application and Programs
  • Instant setup the Windows 7 VPS will be ready within 10 minutes
  • Windows 7 VPS is available in 32bit and 64bit
  • Windows 7 VPS comes with FREE Windows 7
  • Cheap price compare to other competitors
  • Automated control panel with KVM virtualization
  • You can also use Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards and etc…

Why waiting? Build and deploy your VPS for only $7.95 now!

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